By means of suitable and certified transport service providers, we offer you logistics solutions adapted to your operating requirements, in order to also transport your waste "just in time". We often make use of synergies with a service provider near you so as to be able to respond to your needs at short notice.


Whether container provision, shipments with container vehicles or with walking floor trailers – we would be pleased to submit a quotation to you for transport from your location to our treatment plants.

We are also gladly at your disposal for the transport of waste from Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy.


of piece goods and bulk goods of all kinds is carried out by us with the help of walking-floor or container vehicles.

In connection with our transport services for supplying to our customers we are always searching for relations for return freight. This permits a favourable transport price from a reliable service supplier.

Supplying customers plants

Supplying to our customers
is carried out by us with our own logistics or partners of long standing and we comply completely with the requirements of the receiving plant.

In that way for different unloading stations we can always provide the matching logistics in each case.

Unloading hall:
In the case of deliveries of fuels to an unloading hall (with or without a bunker), we make delivery with walking floor vehicles and with an appropriate radius also with container trailer with containers for bulk tippers.

In the case of delivery of fuels to a bunker, which, for example, is secured with a net over the discharge point, and thus no large-area unloading with a container for bulk tippers is possible, we adjust our logistics to the situation and deliver solely with walking floor trailers.

If, as a matter of principle, docking of moving floor trailers at a docking station is required by the customer, delivery is carried out solely with the appropriate trailers. Here we likewise hold the required number of interchangeable trailers in readiness and also handle the logistics on the basis of our customers’ input rates.

If required we also look after the delivery of injectable materials to silos.

Picking-up octabins and lattice boxes

Plastic waste, regrinds and granules are picked up by us with our own logistics or partners of long standing.

As this waste is usually collected in octabins or lattice boxes, for cost reasons picking-up is primarily carried out with tarpaulin-covered trucks. However, for shipments of this waste, walking-floor containers or vehicles with containers for bulk tippers can also be used.

Furthermore, we also take over waste in big bags. These are mainly taken over with container vehicles.