Consulting services

We advise you on all areas of waste disposal and utilisation. This comprises the working out of disposal concepts, the detection of the actual status and the search for the optimum solution for you in the area of waste utilisation

Disposal concepts

Tailored to your operating requirements, we develop recycling concepts with adapted logistics systems. In that way residues can be fed directly from the in-plant source systematically to the correct treatment process. Hence optimum utilisation of the reusable materials is achieved.

Advice and planning

We advise you in all areas of waste disposal and utilisation. We establish the actual status and look for the best possible solutions for your waste. This includes the checking of the current collecting systems as well as the currently carried out separation of waste on the spot. We prepare a quotation for utilisation including the provision of the containers required. With certified partners we ensure not only the logistics but also the environmentally compatible utilisation of the waste accumulating on your premises.

Importing (exporting) of waste

We have the necessary know-how for the importing of waste.

Whether "Green List" or "Notification", we support you as required with the drawing-up of contracts and the appropriate supporting documents and notification papers. If you show interest, we organise the take-over of your waste in one of our treatment plants including logistics. All notification documents are conscientiously checked by us with the utmost care and made available to the appropriate authorities and the exporting waste producer without delay.